One of the best ways to optimise any engines performance and to reduce long term cost is to use quality service and spare parts by the original manufacturer. Non original spare parts can cause major engine failure and the financial and operational results from this could be catastrophic.

Full stock is held at Marinediesel world headquarters in Sweden but normal stock of fast moving consumables/spares are also held at select service stations around the world. Even with parts that are only in stock in Swedenwe have a 24-hour turn-around in emergency situations. Some clients prefer some inventory of parts at operator site for sensitive operations and this can be arranged through the Marinediesel RMC program (more information available).

Marinediesel original parts are guaranteed by detailed inspection to meet the strictest requirements and standards. All of our services combines quality, costeffectiveness and peace-of-mind assurance, helping you to improve operational efficiency and enhance long-term performance.