Marinediesel as a company has always looked at ways to assist clients and operators in meeting their long term targets. In this progress Marinediesel has developed the FRP or factory Replacement Program which allows
the operator to get first grade quality service as well as reducing and scheduling operational costs. In this context, prolonging engine life and maintaining operational efficiency are key objectives which are addressed by the program.

Marinediesel, as the OEM manufacturer of the engine, has the in-depth knowledge and experience required for quality overhauls. Every aspect of our service is based on rigorous quality standards and supported by top-level
technical expertise at Marinediesels modern facilities. The FRP allows the operator to have a fixed cost per hour that includes replacement engine at TBO-time. Please contact Marinediesel direct or your local representative for further information. The FRP is available for all Marinediesel products.

As a part of the program we work closely with our operators to ensure that maintenance tasks are scheduled to minimize downtime and optimize engine running hours.


» Quality-based, cost effective service delivered to highest OEM standards
» Technical support and problem solving advice from highly experienced engineers
» Operations maintained at optimum levels with efficient turn-around
» Engine performance thoroughly tested thus avoiding any delays in operation
» Flexible, customer-focused programs


Factory above

Ängelholm is the world headquarters for Marinediesel and the entire MD Group, and it is here that engines
are overhauled under the FRP program. These facilities include:
» Large workshop for teardown, cleaning, inspection and assembly
» 3 top of the line test cells dedicated for the program
» 2 hot test cells
» In-house environmentally controlled paint shop providing highest quality finishing
» Commissioning and on-site service support packages
» In-house R&D and engineering-lab department for any QA or material inspections required
» Full torsional vibration analysis equipment
» Dedicated sub-assembly areas to ensure cleanliness and highest quality assembly
» Full inventory of all parts


» MD200

» MD250SC

» MD300SC

» MD-VGT350

» MD-VGT400

» MD-VGT450

» MD-VGT500