Skilled and trained local technicians and engineers are essential for any operations long term targets related to cost and performance. Marinediesels training service provide the means to improve skill and productivity of local employees while enhancing the performance of the engines by making them run longer, more efficiently and more reliably.

FACT training stands for Fuel, Air, Compression and Timing which once theoretically understood are the bases for all diesel engines performance as well as an essential tool for diagnostics. Marinediesel offers a wide range of training courses that can be tailored to specific customer requirements. There are several options available but the most commonly requested courses are the FACT level 1 and FACT level 2.

FACT Level 1 is a one week course targeted for technicians, engineers or operators who want to gain a better insight into diesel engine design and operation as well as service and maintenance. The course is divided 50/50 into theory based and hands-on work.

FACT Level 2 is a two week course targeted for technicians, engineers or operators wanting more detailed hands on instruction and practical participation. The course covers theory and practice for major maintenance work, overhaul procedures and trouble shooting techniques.


» Quality-based, cost effective training and know-how transfer
» In depth understanding of engine theory minimize problems and aid trouble-shooting
» Theory as well as hands on instructions
» Training at Marinediesel’s training centre in Sweden or at location anywhere in the world.
» Courses can be tailored to meet client specific requirements
» Reduced downtime through more skillful operation and maintenance.

Courses can include:
» Theory of the 4-stroke diesel engine
» Engine construction and overall design
» Specialty tools
» Identification and location of components
» Safety instructions
» Preventive maintenance
» Scheduled maintenance
» Engine overhaul
» Tolerances and clearances
» Mechanical diagnostics
» Electronic diagnostics
» General trouble shooting
» CAN based diagnostics software
» Fuel systems
» Cooling systems
» Boost systems

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» MD200
» MD250SC
» MD300SC
» VGT350
» VGT400
» VGT450
» VGT500