Why do you always ask for the engine serial number?

This question is extremely important!

The serial number on your engine is unique. With this number, our engineering staff can look up the complete history of your engine, and know exactly what components were provided on each engine.

This is important because Marinediesel often changes the specifications or manufacturing procedures on each engine model and we need to know, for instance, the manufacturer of each component and the model that was provided. For instance, we have used turbochargers made by several manufacturers on the VGT Series of engines at different times during their manufacturing period.

Is is absolutely necessary to use synthetic oil?

Marinediesel has tested many, many different oil types on the engines we manufacture. We are also required to be compliant with NATO standards due to our customers’ requirements. We strongly recommend the use of synthetic oil to minimize thermal breakdown, particularly in harsh conditions or with commercial and government use.

The manual recommends changing the impeller every 500 hours, but my impeller keeps breaking earlier.

500 hours is the maximum life span of impellers. They usually require changing every 100 hours of use, minimum. This is due to the fact that often rubbish or other foreign material will enter the strainer, damaging the impeller. You should follow the manual recommendation and inspect the impeller every 100 hours.

Can I extend the time between oil changes? The manual says every 100 hours.

The oil change period is determined by extensive testing and history to provide the longest MTBO possible for the engine. However, climate, environment, and use vary between regions and customers. If you require longer intervals between service, ask your Marinediesel distributor. We may be able to change the engine rating slightly to meet your needs.

Why is the lead time on spare parts so long?

First, we specialize in custom manufacturing engines. This is what separates Marinediesel from our competition. Unfortunately, this means that we manufacture our engines to order. We do not have hundreds of engines sitting in inventory.

Though on small orders we can sometimes shift production schedules around a bit, on large orders, we do not have that flexibility.

Marinediesel is an engine manufacturer, but we are not a foundry. We design engines based on components manufactured by us and others. A good example is engine blocks. We buy the engine blocks from General Motors under license, and use those blocks to make a complete, finished engine. We are, however, subject to General Motors’ lead times, which can be up to several months, depending on their production schedule.

I have an old engine. Can I upgrade it to use the NIRA ECU?

Yes, if it is a VGT Series engine. There are many reasons you may wish to upgrade the ECU:

    • Allow remote diagnostics
    • Change in operating conditions
    • Change in performance specifications
    • It is time for the overhaul and you want to upgrade

The NIRA ECU allows much more flexibility in operating the engine and performance output. The cost of the upgrade varies based on your engine and manufacturing date, but can be as inexpensive as only a couple of thousand Euro. Contact Marinediesel engineering with your engine serial number for full details on your specific engine.