MarineDiesel prides itself on having one of the strongest service and support networks of any marine engine manufacturer in the world. We have learned, through years of experience, that the most critical aspect of customer service is being able to provide professional, reliable service, onsite, at any time. Our dealer and distributor network is a vital part of this service.

We have two levels of dealers located around the world, ensuring that customers receive factory-level service, regardless of location. These levels are:



Dealers operate more like authorized sales outlets, providing sales support and minor service. They may or may not carry spare parts inventory. They have received some level of factory service training. A dealer is never exclusive in a given region.

Distributors operate just as if MarineDiesel had a company-owned factory in a specific region. Distributors always have complete inventory of spares on hand. Distributors generally are exclusive representatives of MarineDiesel in their region. Distributors also have fully factory trained staff available at all times to provide onsite customer service.

If you would like to become a MarineDiesel dealer, fill out the Contact US and submit a request to us online. We will respond promptly.

Upon receipt of the form, we will award a non-exclusive dealership to the company. Distributorship is granted after certain criteria are met:

  1. Factory training by staff is completed, either at MarineDiesel facilities in Sweden or the UK, or onsite in your region.
  2. An initial inventory of spare parts is acquired.
  3. A sales quota is agreed upon (Dealers generally need to sell a minimum of at least ten engines per year in order to be profitable)
  4. A project is completed, start to finish, with that dealer.
  5. Distributors normally must be a dealer for at least one year, gaining service experience.

Upon completion of the distributorship criteria, dealers are granted exclusivity and additional discounts.