• Originally formed in 1992, its main focus being automotive engine components

• In 1997 setup a remanufacturing plant for engines, both gasoline and diesel. In 1997 Marinediesel also started development of a line of Marinediesel engines based on the General Motors 6.5L V8 diesel engine.

• In 1999 Am General Corporation (Hummer) purchased this engine production from GM and Marinediesel made an agreement to purchase the base engines from the Hummer factory.

• 2001 The Marinediesel line of engines was fully developed and in production as a finished product.

All MD engines are based on the General Motors 6.5 litre V8 engine which is a follower of the 6.2 litre engine, fi rst built in 1982.

In 1993, GM updated the earlier construction at the same time as the cylinder diameter was increased to achieve the 6.5 litre capacity of today’s engines. One of the great benefi ts of using this base engine is that it has the same dimensional characteristics to the drive arrangement as the Volvo Penta, MerCruiser and OMC, Marinepower and other manufacturer’s engines.

The MD engines have almost the identical measurements and weight to the GM 7.4 litre petrol V8 engines. Through the years, the development of the engine family has involved enhancements to the product to provide a range of high powered, lightweight, reliable, rugged engines with an exceptional power-weight ratio.

• 2003 Marinediesel entered a joint venture with a US based company to assemble the Marinediesel engines in Stillwater Oklahoma, these engines to be for the domestic US market.

• 2004 Marinediesel first signed an agreement with Cummins Mercruiser Diesel Europe to purchase Sterndrives from them as an OEM. Later this same year Marinediesel signed an agreement and took over a patented sterndrive system with the goal to bring it to the market 2007.

• In 2006 Marinediesel started development work on the 6.6L GM diesel engine.

• In 2009, the 6.6L GM diesel engine entered production as the Marinediesel VGT series. At the same time as Marinediesel became the first GM OEM located outside the US.

MD is located in a modern plant at Ängelholm on the coast in South West Sweden where manufacturing, development and all engine testing is undertaken to the highest standards. All engines are hand built by experienced engine technicians. The facility includes two modern, computerised dyno-testing laboratories, and a third cell is being added.

Marinediesel has an established distribution and service network in over 30 countries around the globe.