User Poll: What do you think of MarineDiesel Engines?


It has been quite a while since we last conducted a user poll on our blog. So, today’s article asks: “When you think of MarineDiesel engines, what statement applies most?”

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MarineDiesel User Poll: Engine Performance



Today’s article is the latest MarineDiesel user poll (no registration required and no cookies kept), related to aspects of engine performance that make your decision as to engine choice.

We hope you find it interesting.

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MarineDiesel User Poll: How many engines do you purchase in a year?



It has been a while since we asked a poll of our readers. This week’s poll asks how many engines you purchase annually.

Note that MarineDiesel offers special discounts and financing for large projects or complex projects. Contact MarineDiesel Sales at for a custom proposal.

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MarineDiesel User Poll: How do you use your marine engine?



This week’s user poll asks how you use your marine engine (You can choose more than one)

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MarineDiesel User Poll – Warranty



This week’s user poll is related to engine warranties. We are asking our readers the following two questions:

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We thank you for your opinion and feedback. Please send a note to us at if you would like more input or have any concerns.




MarineDiesel Poll – Marine Trade Shows



Sometimes it seems overwhelming, the number of maritime trade shows. What marine trade shows do you plan on attending for the rest of this year? (We exhibit at some, but not all, sometimes with our distributors. Check our “Events” section on this site for upcoming shows)

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MarineDiesel User Poll – New Engine Types



We want to hear from our readers and customers…

This week’s poll

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MarineDiesel User Poll – How do you choose?



This week’s poll for our readers and customers asks what is most important to you when choosing an engine:

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