Power Take Off

Marinediesel offers various PTO options with all of the engines we manufacture. In fact, the list of applications would be quite large, were we to list them all. Some examples of PTO options we have provided in the past, for both marine and industrial uses include:

  • Alternators
  • Pumps
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Fire Control Systems
  • Blower Systems
  • Lifts, Davits, and Cranes

In fact, PTO is a standardized option, and a variety of shafts and couplings can be provided, depending on the use. You need merely ask your dealer or distributor to add it to your purchase and we will do the rest!

MD VGT + Jackshaft closeup

We’re Back!

The regular readers of this site may have noticed a break in the regular postings to which they have become accustomed.

The reason for the break in updates has been that the Marinediesel team has been busily updating and upgrading our new website. There are many new features on this site, both for our customers, and our dealers. Here, we will walk you through the changes your will be able to experience:

1. Lots more media and downloads available, with much more on the way.

2. Our product line available for viewing in a “shopping”format, with much more product detail.

3. Dedicated pages and content for our Distributors and OEMs.

4. A much improved dealer locator map, with more detail.

5. Full integration with our Facebook, Linked In, and Google + pages.

6. Much more direct contact form.

7. Fully integrated newsletter and newsletter signup.

8. Full registration with personal passwords, especially for our distributors.

9. Real translated pages (no Google translate) in many languages, with more to come in the future.

We hope you find the new site interesting and useful. We also welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have for improvements. YOU are our customers and our reason to exist. We value your opinion!


New Product Announcement! VGT Axis Drive


Coming in January, 2016!

V8 500 VGT Turbocharged Diesel Marine Propulsion System “Axis Drive”

Caudwell Marine® Axis Drives are the world’s most technologically advanced marine propulsion system. The 500 VGT Axis Drive, designed for standard 13° transom installations, both available with left or right hand rotation propellers, is packed with innovative features not found in competitive drives.


This range of engines is designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible while maintaining durability and serviceability. They are intended for lightweight and high speed vessels and have a light duty rating.

• The aerodynamically efficient variable geometry turbocharger and the improved high pressure direct fuel injection system allow the 6.6 litre V8 to respond immediately and deliver smooth, consistent power, with a flat torque curve from 1 850 rpm all the way to the red line
• 4 valves per cylinder.

• Common Rail fuel injection.

• Variable geometry turbo.

• Safety warning systems monitor engine coolant temperature and level.

• Raw water flow is also monitored by exhaust temperature sensors.

• The engine’s closed cooling system gives improved corrosion resistance and minimizes the amount of flushing required after use.

• Raw water circulation is controlled by a belt driven rubber impeller pump, ensuring adequate water flow to the intercooler, heat exchanger, engine oil and power steering coolers.

• Both the engine and drive systems are controlled electronically by the NIRA Engine Control Unit (ECU).

• Electronically controlled variable geometry turbo to ensure excellent bottom end torque and performance.

• Gear train noise is minimized though using a CentaFlex Torsional damper system.

• Exhaust noise is reduced via routing exhaust gasses through the propeller hub.

power torque curve

The unique Axis Drive power train design is like a Pod drive mounted on the transom. It eliminates the universal joint as found in traditional stern drives, ensuring that power transfer from crankshaft to propeller is more direct and quiet, with less power loss at the propeller. Most importantly, it allows full power to be applied at all steering angles and trim angles.
The low drag bullet and pick up allow for high speeds.

The turning geometry of the patented integral axial steering system ensures safer high speed turns and exceptional handling characteristics at all speeds.

An electronically actuated dog clutch provides smooth, effortless gear selection controlled by the ECU.

A constant trim speed of 3 degrees per second, irrespective of load and speed. Trim range of -4 degrees to +33 degrees.

Installs using only 6 transom mounting bolts and 2 forward engine mounts, plus plug and play electronics make it the quickest and easiest installation possible

• Through prop exhaust
• Integral Raw Water pick up
• Dual power assisted and direct helm hydraulic steering
• Chrome plated styling covers
• Integrated hall effect sensing for steering and trim angles offering closed loop feedback for digital docking control
• Dry sump main gearbox
• Low drag anti-cavitating lower unit hydrodynamic profile
• Integrated oil temperature and pressure sensing for the gearbox
• Anti – log strike shear protection for the lower unit.
• 64 degree turning arc.

To read more about the Axis Drive, check out our catalogue listing or MD_V8 500 VGT Axisdrive Product Bulletin. Remember, though not available until January, speak with your local Marinediesel distributor today and indicate that you would like to be one of the first to try this new and innovative drive system!

Introducing the all new Marinediesel Website


Today, we are proud to debut our all new website for Marinediesel customers.

We have tried to put as much information as we can on this site, with lots of video, pictures, and downloads for your use. Some of the new features of the site include:

A brand new, more accurate dealer locator.

New videos (Coming soon, detailed maintenance videos)

A brand new product catalogue

Customized login and newsletter subscription

New ways to contact us and communicate with us

Multiple language versions of the site (Native translations. Bahasa Indonesia Indonesia-Flag-16 and Vietnamese Vietnam-Flag-16 now, with Simplified Chinese China-Flag-16, Arabic Saudi-Arabia-Flag-16, Korean Korea-Flag-16, Thai Thailand-Flag-16, and Burmese Myanmar-16 coming soon)

We hope you enjoy some of these new features and we look forward to receiving your feedback and suggestions.




Join Marinediesel at Seawork


Marinediesel is a long time exhibitor at Seawork, held every year at the Canary Island Fruit Terminal in Southampton, and this year is no different.

Come and visit us at the show, from June 16 through June 18, and take a look at our newest products. We are located in stands C27, V35, V36

Hope to  see you there!


Small boat? Electricity from your alternator.




Designing small boats is often very challenging. The advantage of small vessels is usually the high speeds necessary for completing different missions. What small vessels gain in terms of speed, they also give up in terms of size.

Operators of small vessels sometimes have problems getting enough electricity to power external devices onboard. Large boats usually have engine rooms and are equipped with gensets, negating the problem of finding current. Small vessels, such a RHIBs, have tiny engine compartments and are highly weight restrictive, making genset installation impractical.

So, what do you do in order to get power, particularly on vessels, such as rescue boats, that often need ancillary equipment and current to power such devices?

MarineDiesel has solutions for this problem.

We can optionally provide larger alternators, or additional alternators, to provide a constant power source. This solution is relatively inexpensive, but typically requires additional pulleys and belts, or modified patterns of placement (depending on engine compartment size).

MarineDiesel commonly equips new engines in this manner, especially on government vessels or commercial vessels.

If your vessel has a requirement for additional power, simply contact your local MarineDiesel distributor and give them the specifications of your needs.



User Poll: What do you think of MarineDiesel Engines?


It has been quite a while since we last conducted a user poll on our blog. So, today’s article asks: “When you think of MarineDiesel engines, what statement applies most?”

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Marinediesel Dealer Profile: Finland


Marinediesel have had a long business association, since 2007, with our distributor in Finland, Tekno Marine.

Tekno Marine are a fully qualified and factory trained MarineDiesel distributor, and we have completed many projects over the years in the country. In addition to representing MarineDiesel, Tekno Marine are boat builders, building many unique craft under their own brands, including a line of airboats.

Additionally, they represent Bukh, Hyundai Seasall, and Sole engines in Finland, and offer complete naval architecture and marine engineering services.

Their MarineDiesel web page, in Finnish, is TM, and we encourage our customers in Finland to contact Tekno Marine for a quote on your next project.

Teknomarine AB

PL29, Marinsatamantie 3
FI Espoo
Phone: +358 9 819 07 70
Fax: +358 9 819 07 750







Maintenance Tip of the Week – Belts 04/27/2015



Maintenance Tip of the Week – Belts 04/27/2015

NEVER replace belts on a marine engine with automotive belts. Belts manufactured for land use cannot withstand the extreme marine environment, and are likely to prematurely fail. Always use OEM belts as recommended in your manual, tightened to the correct tension, for the longest and most reliable engine life cycle.




MarineDiesel Distributor Profile – Amos Industries Singapore


Today’s article is a profile of MarineDiesel’s long time distributor in Singapore, Amos Industries Pte Ltd.

Established since 1996, Amos Industries is now a fully accredited ISO 9001:2008 company, with the UKAS Quality management stamp of approval. Not only so, we are certified with the BizSafe level 3 accreditation from workplace health & safety council in 2011.

Being in the business for over a decade, many strong customer relationships have been built through our professional services and products. This has also led us to work in partnership with many shipyards and boat owners.

We provide the complete one-stop, hassle-free solution for your boating needs, supplying a wide range of boating products and equipment. The range of products spans across lightweight high horsepower diesel engines, marine generators, power systems, air conditioning systems and boat sublift system.

Integrity is vital to us; evident by our promise to stand by manufacturers’ warranties and guarantees. We believe after – sales service is important to both our customers and us, as such, we stock a wide range of spare parts, and provides timely after – sales support. Our people are committed to go the extra mile for the customer, understanding and delivering a value driven solution for their needs, building Amos’s success upon reliability, honesty and integrity.

In addition to MarineDiesel engines, Amos is the distributor for Singapore for the following brands:

Seatek Engines

Hyundai Seasall

Mercury Outboards

Kohler Gensets

Konrad Stern Drives

Amos is fully factory trained in MarineDiesel products, and has inventory of spare parts in Singapore.

If you or your company are located in Singapore, and you would like a customized quote on MarineDiesel engines for your project, contact Amos Industries today:

1 Yishun street 23
05-09 YS-ONE
768441 Singapore
Phone: +65 6853 8055
Fax: +65 6852 1635