Marinediesel Dealer Profile: Finland


Marinediesel have had a long business association, since 2007, with our distributor in Finland, Tekno Marine.

Tekno Marine are a fully qualified and factory trained MarineDiesel distributor, and we have completed many projects over the years in the country. In addition to representing MarineDiesel, Tekno Marine are boat builders, building many unique craft under their own brands, including a line of airboats.

Additionally, they represent Bukh, Hyundai Seasall, and Sole engines in Finland, and offer complete naval architecture and marine engineering services.

Their MarineDiesel web page, in Finnish, is TM, and we encourage our customers in Finland to contact Tekno Marine for a quote on your next project.

Teknomarine AB

PL29, Marinsatamantie 3
FI Espoo
Phone: +358 9 819 07 70
Fax: +358 9 819 07 750







MarineDiesel Services Profile: Factory Express Service



Today’s article continues our series highlighting the services MarineDiesel offers its’ customers.

We offer Factory Express Service to all MarineDiesel customers.

Express service Worldwide

Marinediesel understands the costs of vessel downtime and has responded to this with the FES program. Not only do we provide a comprehensive range of services and technical support for all Marinediesel products worldwide on land or at sea but the FES adds the fast response requirement of some clients.

FES field engineers can be mobilised to sites anywhere in the world within a very short timeframe. FES engineers can perform the task independently or act as supervisors for local staff where required. Capabilities within the FES-team is vast including capability to perform torsional analysis in vessel, logging equipment for mechanical and electronic engines, power tests in vessel to mention a very few. Marinediesel is unique in supplying this service for the particular power range.

Key benefits:

» Skilled engineers available Worldwide
» Cost effective compared to cost of downtime
» On-site supervision of local staff reduces cost
» Express Service
» Full OEM technical backup

Contact your local MarineDiesel dealer or distributor today for complete details.



MarineDiesel Services Profile: FACT Customer Training

Today’s article continues our series highlighting MarineDiesel’s services.

Training is one of the most important aspects of engine manufacturing that exists. If customers are not adequately trained in the maintenance and operation of our products, then they will not experience the full advantages and benefits MarineDiesel engines offer to them. We are the marine engine experts, and we view training as sharing our knowledge.

All MarineDiesel distributors are capable of providing FACT training on a local basis.

Skilled and trained local technicians and engineers are essential for any operations long term targets related to cost and performance. Marinediesels training service provide the means to improve skill and productivity of local employees while enhancing the performance of the engines by making them run longer, more efficiently and more reliably.

FACT training stands for Fuel, Air, Compression and Timing which once theoretically understood are the bases for all diesel engines performance as well as an essential tool for diagnostics. Marinediesel offers a wide range of training courses that can be tailored to specific customer requirements. There are several options available but the most commonly requested courses are the FACT level 1 and FACT level 2.

FACT Level 1 is a one week course targeted for technicians, engineers or operators who want to gain a better insight into diesel engine design and operation as well as service and maintenance. The course is divided 50/50 into theory based and hands-on work.

FACT Level 2 is a two week course targeted for technicians, engineers or operators wanting more detailed hands on instruction and practical participation. The course covers theory and practice for major maintenance work, overhaul procedures and trouble shooting techniques.

» Quality-based, cost effective training and know-how transfer
» In depth understanding of engine theory minimize problems and aid trouble-shooting
» Theory as well as hands on instructions
» Training at Marinediesel’s training centre in Sweden or at location anywhere in the world.
» Courses can be tailored to meet client specific requirements
» Reduced downtime through more skillful operation and maintenance.

Courses can include:
» Theory of the 4-stroke diesel engine
» Engine construction and overall design
» Specialty tools
» Identification and location of components
» Safety instructions
» Preventive maintenance
» Scheduled maintenance
» Engine overhaul
» Tolerances and clearances
» Mechanical diagnostics
» Electronic diagnostics
» General trouble shooting
» CAN based diagnostics software
» Fuel systems
» Cooling systems
» Boost systems

Contact your local MarineDiesel distributor today for complete details.




MarineDiesel Distributor Profile – Amos Industries Singapore


Today’s article is a profile of MarineDiesel’s long time distributor in Singapore, Amos Industries Pte Ltd.

Established since 1996, Amos Industries is now a fully accredited ISO 9001:2008 company, with the UKAS Quality management stamp of approval. Not only so, we are certified with the BizSafe level 3 accreditation from workplace health & safety council in 2011.

Being in the business for over a decade, many strong customer relationships have been built through our professional services and products. This has also led us to work in partnership with many shipyards and boat owners.

We provide the complete one-stop, hassle-free solution for your boating needs, supplying a wide range of boating products and equipment. The range of products spans across lightweight high horsepower diesel engines, marine generators, power systems, air conditioning systems and boat sublift system.

Integrity is vital to us; evident by our promise to stand by manufacturers’ warranties and guarantees. We believe after – sales service is important to both our customers and us, as such, we stock a wide range of spare parts, and provides timely after – sales support. Our people are committed to go the extra mile for the customer, understanding and delivering a value driven solution for their needs, building Amos’s success upon reliability, honesty and integrity.

In addition to MarineDiesel engines, Amos is the distributor for Singapore for the following brands:

Seatek Engines

Hyundai Seasall

Mercury Outboards

Kohler Gensets

Konrad Stern Drives

Amos is fully factory trained in MarineDiesel products, and has inventory of spare parts in Singapore.

If you or your company are located in Singapore, and you would like a customized quote on MarineDiesel engines for your project, contact Amos Industries today:

1 Yishun street 23
05-09 YS-ONE
768441 Singapore
Phone: +65 6853 8055
Fax: +65 6852 1635




Want to be a MarineDiesel Distributor or Dealer? This is what we require.


MarineDiesel has become a company with true global reach. Our sales and distribution network reaches to over 30 countries and regions around the world. We have sold engines in far more locations.

Here at MarineDiesel, we receive around a dozen dealer and distributor inquiries every month. In the last couple of years, we have drastically tightened the requirements to become a distributor for our engines.


Quite simply, engines require a level of after sale service that most trading houses are unable or unwilling to provide. Unlike with other marine equipment, like most electronics, with engines, spare parts in a country are essential. Trained technical staff are essential. You cannot merely keep an engine in inventory and be “good to go”. Distributorship requires an investment, not only in money, but in time, along with the capability and willingness to adequately develop a local market.

So, what does it take to become a MarineDiesel distributor? Distributors are partners, in every respect. Five primary criteria:

  1. A commitment to factory training. In Europe. On an ongoing basis.
  2. Successful completion of training. Distributors must service everything that they sell.
  3. A commitment to maintain adequate levels of spare parts in country, in inventory, based on sales.
  4. A commitment to minimum annual sales.
  5. Adequate service facilities, infrastructure, and personnel to rebuild engines, test engines, commission engines, and service engines.

All MarineDiesel distributors must be approved based on the above points. If a company wants to sell our engines, but lacks the service facilities, people, or financial capability to adequately become a distributor, we will usually make them a dealer, under an existing distributor’s contract.

There are regions without existing distributors. If you are interested in working with MarineDiesel, please check our Global Dealer Map and Contact us with your inquiry.









MarineDiesel Dealer Profile – JMP Marine Korea


Today’s article is about our distributor in the Republic of Korea, JMP Marine. MarineDiesel has long worked with JMP in Korea, and we are proud to have such a technically proficient partner working with us there.

The Korean market is complex, with rigid emissions regulations and a well-developed shipbuilding industry. JMP Marine is well-positioned, with their office in Busan, in the center of the Korean maritime industry.

JMP has been working with numerous engine and repair companies manufacturing whole pumps or parts under the direction of engineers looking for the quality expected of the pumps to be used on the engines they manufacture or repair.

JMP offers their experience in the R&D department to bring out new pumps for engine manufacturers. JMP offers a niche market in the parts supply for older pumps. They include Shafts, Cams, Mechanical Seals, Bearings, Gaskets, O-Rings, Cover Plates etc.

In addition to being a manufacturer of innovative impellers and pumps, they represent MarineDiesel and several other engine brands in Korea, including Seasall. They are fully factory trained and maintain complete spare parts in-country.

If you are interested in a quote for your project, please contact JMP Marine:

JMP Marine

74-7 Samrack-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan
Korea 617-070
Phone: +82 513027337



Marinediesel Distributor Profile: Maldives and Sri Lanka




Today’s post highlights the MarineDiesel distributor for the Maldives and Sri Lanka, Narayan Marine Tech, Ltd. They are a recent addition to the MarineDiesel network, and offer full sales and service capabilities.

Narayan Enterprise established as a proprietorship concern in 1997 and started its business of exporting of ship machinery and spares sourced from the all over the world through our partners.

Narayan Enterprise up graded as a Private Limited company, and is now known as Narayan Marine Tech Pvt Ltd. We are one of the major Comprehensive stockiest and supplier for all types of Marine Equipments, Spares, & Engines routings anywhere in the sub-continent and of the world.

It is our Vision to serve our customers best maintaining a high quality commercial position, personal relations and confirming the quality services. We have good business relations with suppliers of marine spares and equipments from international companies and we import to meet the varying needs of our customers.

We are committed to operate our business with focus on customer satisfaction and its enhancement by delivering marine equipments and spares as per customer’s requirement in time, in a cost effective manner, have adopted, communicated and implemented the policy of continual improvement for effectiveness of the Quality Management System within organization. Our quality system is backed by team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians who are always available for service and support. “We are modeled as a one- stop point of contact for suppliers and services concept.”

Narayan Marine Tech Pvt Ltd is authorized dealer of Marine Diesel engine for Sri Lanka and Maldives. Now we are capable to provide service and support for Marine Diesel engines at these locations which includes repair and maintenance contract as per customer requirement, installation and commissioning service at site, genuine spare part service on time and factory replacement program.

More details visit our website or contact:

Name  : Mr. Sandip Subhash Survase

Email  :

Mobile  : +94727730883

Skype  :  sandip883





MarineDiesel Dealer Profile – Uganda



Today’s posting is about the MarineDiesel dealer in Uganda, Equatorial Training and Marine Services (“ETMS”).

Though Uganda is a landlocked country, there are numerous lakes and rivers in the country, including Lake Victoria, and MarineDiesel has conducted a fair amount of business there over the years and completed numerous projects.

A new member in the Marinediesel family, Equatorial Training and Marine Services Ltd. (ETMS) is a marine Project Management company, with a primary focus on marine operations, training, safety / security ‎and remote, last mile, logistics solutions.
The partnership with Marinediesel is a positive step towards promoting and providing a world class product in a region where choice is limited and readily available competence based marine training, almost non-existent. Through its existing relationships with multiple boat builders, government contractors‎, corporations, NGO’s and governments in Sub Saharan Africa and beyond, ETMS intends to provide reliable, purpose driven solutions to serve its customers needs.
Furthermore, ETMS has, for almost a decade been the primary funding partner to the National Lake Rescue Institute / Safe Waters Foundation‎, an independent non-governmental / not for profit foundation registered in Uganda and Sweden. The mission of the Foundation is to secure, enable, and support emergency first response initiatives through management, research, training and development activities. Emphasis is on water safety and security, drowning prevention, search and rescue, as well as communication and coordination of emergency response. The latter is achieved through a Carmenta CoordCom emergency communication, control, and management facility set up in Kampala, Uganda, to serve both humanitarian and commercial needs.
The combination of a commercial entity offering support, knowledge, solutions, and products to a developing business community, and a humanitarian foundation striving to develop safety awareness and enhance the emergency management systems in the region enables a push-and-pull philosophy where business development supports humanitarian development, and where grass-root humanitarian development serves to contribute to better living conditions, strengthening social institutions and supporting an evolving regional economy.
National Lake Rescue Institute / Safe Waters Foundation have a strong, decade long, relationship with the international Search and Rescue Community at large, and the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) in particular.
This relationship with ETMS, enables focused support to be delivered to the existing, regional Marindiesel owners by establishing a Marinediesel operations, maintenance and training facility, initially serving the Lake Victoria region in close cooperation with National Lake Rescue Institute / Safe Waters Foundation.
If you have an upcoming project or require a quote, contact ETMS today, and they will be happy to help:

Equatorial Training and Marine Services (ETMS) Ltd

 Plot179, Kawuku Road, Bunga,





MarineDiesel Dealer Profile – New Zealand



Today’s article continues our profiles of our extensive global dealer network.

New Zealand is an interesting market in the marine business. Though there is a well-developed marine industry in the country (not to mention some of the world’s best naval architects), the geographic location and relatively small population often means that it can be difficult or time consuming to find reliable supplies of spare parts or service. Indeed, New Zealand is often combined with Australia in many manufacturers’ distribution networks, requiring delays in obtaining spare parts.

Performance Imports in Cambridge, New Zealand has represented MarineDiesel in the country for several years. In business for over 40 years, Performance Imports also represents Steyr and Alamarin water jets, among other popular brands.

With marine engines, after sale service and spare parts are critical. Boasting modern facilities, Performance Imports offers its’ customers complete professional technical service, along with spare parts, throughout New Zealand.

Performance Imports can quote your project with any MarineDiesel engine. Contact them today or visit their web site to learn more about them:

Performance Imports Website

Performance Imports

Commerce Street
3434 Cambridge
New Zealand
Phone: +64 (0) 7 827 4019


Engine Market Insights: Poland



Today’s Engine Market Insights interview is with Mr. Jacek Pawlik, Managing Director at JP Marine, MarineDiesel’s distributors in Poland.

poland Poland

JP MARINE Sp z o.o. – SKA

80-180 Gdansk, ul. Jabloniowa 2
Tel: +48 58 321 71 71
Mob: +48 603 399 300

1. How long have you been in business in Poland?

JP Marine is part of a holding company that has been operating in commercial real estate, automotive and retail market for a long time, and in marine industry for over 5 years.


  1. What is your company’s mission and goals?

JP Marine`s mission is to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of services at the highest quality level.   


  1. What makes JP Marine unique? (Services offered, capabilities, etc.)

Apart from distribution of drive system, JP Marine also offers, to make its offer fully comprehensive: 

–  all kinds of accessories and elements for boat equipment  –,

–  design and production of  custom boats  based on our own shipyard in Gdynia, an international team of designers, including interior designers  –

–  chartering of fast boats –  RIB type (

 Our service centres are located in Gdańsk, Warsaw and in Szczecin, where in addition to current general engine repairs we also repair transmissions and gearboxes.   


  1. In addition to MarineDiesel, what are your other major product lines?

In addition to MarineDiesel engine distribution, we also offer drive units for rescue boats, engines with  keel cooling for the fishing industry, as well as drives such as Z-type transmissions, and in particular trimmed surface drives France Helices. In each instance, we select and put together the most optimal engine-transmission-propeller, to meet client expectations and efficiency parameters. We are often engaged in boat repowering and serve customers not only from Poland, but also from other countries.    

  1. What is the engine market like in Poland?

While shipyard market is developing very dynamically, not only in steel and aluminium construction segment, but also composite segment,  the local marine engine market is unfortunately quite narrow and dominated by providers offering the cheapest engines.  This is because the vast majority of shipyard production is carried out for export purposes, where producers have no influence on order specifications. The narrow domestic markets covers mainly inland vessels, sail vessels with small engines up to  50 hp . The small number of leisure boats for domestic markets have been dominated by one engine provider and convincing clients to the alternative is not easy: it is a question of habit and convenience. This is also because the target customers in Poland have little knowledge about possible options for drive solutions; this also concerns corporate clients.  The weak point of our local tender procedures is their weak preparation when it comes to the knowledge of the subject matter, for instance: unrealistic delivery terms, excluding V engines, demanding very narrow power ranges, and at the same time the deciding criterion is in 100% of the cases the lowest price.



  1. What are your greatest challenges in the engine market?

The main challenge we have to face is a change in mentality and habits in the shipyard industry, among corporate clients, and education of motor boat users in technical issues  (hence our extended technical section on our website).



  1. Where are the greatest opportunities in the engine market in Poland?

The awareness of prospective clients is gradually changing: more and more of them realise that their purchase decisions may not be made on the basis of price and one brand provider only, but they also need to realise that there is a good local alternative in terms of quality and range.



  1. How do you see the engine market in Poland in the next five years?


I think in the near future the trend to move the production of renowned Western companies to Poland is bound to continue, along with gradual equipping of vessel engine rooms. This is because we have highly qualified employees and experts, modern production facilities and most importantly lower production costs.  On the other hand, it is possible to see the first symptoms of an increase in the domestic market: this is noticeable in the number of boats in marines reflecting a rise in wealth of individual clients. Among positive factors are significant funds allocated to create marines and inland water routes. Budgets of corporate clients are also more ample, and there are also changes in tender procedures not to promote the lowest price factor only.  The above factors have a positive influence on future sales prospects for engines and drive systems. The Polish market is starting, however, from a very low level and we have a lot to make up in comparison with mature markets, such as not so faraway ones like in Sweden or Norway.