Just because MarineDiesel focuses on commercial and government markets does not mean that our engines are not suited for recreational uses. Indeed, the tough standards required by these users give MarineDiesel customers un-matched reliability and performance that they cannot get anywhere else, from any manufacturer.

In 1997 Marinediesel Sweden developed the first true direct replacement diesel for gasoline/petrol V8 marine I/O or inboard engines as well as one of the most durable yet lightweight commercial engines on the market. This model was and is based on the GM 6.5L V8 diesel engine, that was renamed to Optimizer 6500 when it was taken over by GEP in 1999, the base engine has one of the most impressive commercial and military histories of all engines and is used in the military Humvee and Hummer H1 to mention a few.

From a commercial standpoint the Humvee V8 diesel engine was chosen by Marinediesel as the base platform due to its’ proven durability record in all imaginable environments around the globe. The basic mechanical Stanadyne fuel system makes the engines more durable,reliable and easy to maintain than any other competitor on the world market today. The new cast iron “Moly” engine block’s combined with taller/wider bearing caps and improved head bolt bosses adds even more durability to satisfy customer demands. This engine will remain in production for the foreseeable future and meets all current emission standards.

Most durable and innovative engines in the industry

“Marinediesel is recognized as a performance leader and our engines are the most durable and innovative in the industry. The engines have already set world records and have unique advantages that provide the kind of superior, world-class performance that the commercial/military diesel market has been asking for.”

Common-rail engines

The GM based 6.6L VGT and later TSC engines continue where the 6.5L engine ends in power range but with even better power to weight ratio. These engines as the 6.5L have been developed and designed specifically for the commercial and military markets unlike most other brands that have been developed for the high-volume pleasure market.