MarineDiesel has a long history with government and commercial vessel operators around the world. Indeed, today, over half of the engines we build are for government use.

Engineered for heavy use, in a full range of climate conditions, MarineDiesel engines provide powerful propulsion at the light weight and unmatched reliability that government agencies require. Duty cycles are long, with global spare parts availability. This allows MarineDiesel to supply its’ customers the benefits that government organizations simply cannot obtain from other engine products designed primarily with recreational use in mind.

Marinediesel is not encumbered by 40 years of history that says engine designs have to be flat and featureless. Conversely, starting with a clean sheet, Marinediesel’s engines are the freshest in the industry. They feature state of the art technology, power and performance oriented design. Marinediesel’s engines are among the fastest, most efficient and highest performing on the marine diesel market today.

Marinediesel engines start out as base engines from the GEP and GM factories in the US. Engines are then modified for marine use, calibrated, painted with high heat marine paint, assembled by skilled diesel technicians before dyno-run and a final run in a test station with checklists before being boxed and ready to ship.

For the 6.5L range Marinediesel uses a positive displacement 4-stage intercooled supercharger system to maximize torque and performance at low and mid rpm as well as remove any black smoke tendency. The performance of a supercharged and intercooled 6.5 litre V8 diesel is incomparable to anything else on the market today.

The 6.6L common rail engines use Marinediesel/NIRA ECU which allows the engines to be reconfigured with unique features as required by clients. The engines also incorporate a variable geometry turbo system to provide the low rpm torque and fast throttle response that Marinediesel is known for.

These are features that are in high demand by military, government, and commercial agencies around the world.

MarineDiesel provides powerful propulsion solutions starting at the initial concept and concluding with the world-class service that government users require and demand to meet the needs of their missions.