Engineered to withstand heavy use and abuse, commercial vessel operators have long appreciated the tough Marinediesel reliability, high power to weight ratio, and long service life.

We have installed hundreds of engines on a wide variety of commercial vessels, from water taxis to small fishing boats.

MarineDiesel engines offer the greatest value to the commercial operator: Far greater than any other engine in the market. When everything is added up…

MarineDiesel Engines Cost Less over the long term.

This is pure bottom line, and here is why:

  1. Longer duty cycles under heavy commercial use
  2. Package propulsion solutions: Engine, gearbox, and propulsion in one place. Immediate cost savings and lower maintenance / service costs over time
  3. Most power at the lowest fuel consumption
  4. Most power at the lowest weight
  5. Affordable price
  6. Global spare parts availability, even in the most remote location
  7. Financing options

Your business is your livelihood. Why trust your business to power that was designed for intermittent, recreational use?