Why play with toys? Use the engine rated for abuse.

Marinediesel’s VGT Series of engines is the most powerful, most compact series of engines in its class. Unlike the engines made by our competitors, the VGT Series is designed to withstand the abuse government and commercial operations demand.

These are no mere “toys” designed for powering recreational boats.

Our engines are engineered for long life, low weight, and continuous operations. Engines for pleasure boats may be used 50, or 100, hours per year. The average Marinediesel customer uses their engines over 1,000 hours per year.


In extreme conditions.

In situations where every second standing still COSTS MONEY.

In situations where engine failure COSTS LIVES.

How much can it cost? What is an hour of vessel downtime worth to you? €100? €1,000?

So, why trust your business, or your mission, to power that was designed for light use? You should not. Any savings realized through small differences in purchase price can be quickly lost from a single incident or a single failure.

Only Marinediesel can meet your requirements for performance, reliability, ease of maintenance, and long life. Only Marinediesel is rated to your mission on a bespoke basis. Only Marinediesel can deliver success.