Need to contact Marinediesel for technical assistance? We need your engine serial number.

Though we recently posted this question in our   Engine Maintenance FAQ, this subject is really important, so we will occasionally post reminders about it on the blog.

Why are we making a big deal out of the engine serial number?

Quite simply, because the engines are continually evolving and changing from one year to the next. As an example, there have been about ten versions of the Marinediesel VGT Series. As engines progress from idea, to development, to testing, to market introduction, to production, different components are either tweaked or changed based on field experience and feedback from our customers.

In a way, it is very similar to the updates that computer software publishers make as bugs are discovered. Indeed, given the electronic nature of the VGT Series and the use of the NIRA ECU, software updates are often one of the changes we make.

When an engine is manufactured, detailed production notes are kept about that specific engine during the production process. We know, for example, which turbocharger was equipped on the engine, what software version was installed, and custom configuration, etc.

Additionally, the engine serial number allows us to see any changes made to an engine, by Marinediesel, since that engine was sold. Indeed, we recently has a mechanical issue with a customer where there were changes made to the engine, and nobody (including our customer!) could remember what was specifically done to the engine. Our technical team having the serial number eliminates problems and issues like that.

So, before contacting Marinediesel with technical questions, you should look up the engine’s serial number first, so we can give you an accurate solution for your engine problem.


Location of engine serial number, VGT Series