We’re Back!

The regular readers of this site may have noticed a break in the regular postings to which they have become accustomed.

The reason for the break in updates has been that the Marinediesel team has been busily updating and upgrading our new website. There are many new features on this site, both for our customers, and our dealers. Here, we will walk you through the changes your will be able to experience:

1. Lots more media and downloads available, with much more on the way.

2. Our product line available for viewing in a “shopping”format, with much more product detail.

3. Dedicated pages and content for our Distributors and OEMs.

4. A much improved dealer locator map, with more detail.

5. Full integration with our Facebook, Linked In, and Google + pages.

6. Much more direct contact form.

7. Fully integrated newsletter and newsletter signup.

8. Full registration with personal passwords, especially for our distributors.

9. Real translated pages (no Google translate) in many languages, with more to come in the future.

We hope you find the new site interesting and useful. We also welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have for improvements. YOU are our customers and our reason to exist. We value your opinion!