All of our curves

We recently had a request from a customer to show all of the power and torque curves of our VGT Series of engines on a single graph, for “at a glance” comparison purposes.



Take a look at the graph. Note how very flat power and torque curves are on our engines, and compare them to the curves of our competitors. The one below is for a Cummins QSB 6.7, medium intermittent duty (Comparable to VGT 450):

cummins torque 6.7


Note the spike in torque on the Cummins. Why does this matter? Well, the Cummins may have a higher maximum torque level, but it occurs at a spike, at a single RPM level. The VGT provides more torque, over a wider RPM range. This translates into lower cruising RPM (thus less fuel consumption) and more power at those speeds.