Small boat? Electricity from your alternator.




Designing small boats is often very challenging. The advantage of small vessels is usually the high speeds necessary for completing different missions. What small vessels gain in terms of speed, they also give up in terms of size.

Operators of small vessels sometimes have problems getting enough electricity to power external devices onboard. Large boats usually have engine rooms and are equipped with gensets, negating the problem of finding current. Small vessels, such a RHIBs, have tiny engine compartments and are highly weight restrictive, making genset installation impractical.

So, what do you do in order to get power, particularly on vessels, such as rescue boats, that often need ancillary equipment and current to power such devices?

MarineDiesel has solutions for this problem.

We can optionally provide larger alternators, or additional alternators, to provide a constant power source. This solution is relatively inexpensive, but typically requires additional pulleys and belts, or modified patterns of placement (depending on engine compartment size).

MarineDiesel commonly equips new engines in this manner, especially on government vessels or commercial vessels.

If your vessel has a requirement for additional power, simply contact your local MarineDiesel distributor and give them the specifications of your needs.