Ski Boat and Parasail Boat Engines


The market for commercial marine engines is quite varied. There are dozens of different types of commercial vessels and uses, each with their own specific performance requirements.

One market niche where MarineDiesel engines are extremely competitive is the ski boat and parasailing boat market. These boats have very specific engine power requirements. Commercial, yet recreational also, these vessels need to be operational on a seasonal basis (usually), and every minute they are not operating can cost the owners thousands upon thousands of dollars in opportunity costs that are lost forever. They often use gasoline or petrol engines, and the Marinediesel engine’s compact size gives the operators a high torque, lower operating cost, diesel alternative.

Additionally, ski boats and parasail boats typically have highly compact engine compartments and need to minimize weight. The VGT Series is the most compact engine in its’ class on the market. In most cases, it is the ONLY marine diesel engine that can even fit into these types of vessels.

Ski boats and parasail boats require a torque curve that gives the optimal power at the lower RPM range for rapid takeoff, decreasing in need after the vessel is planning (This is why they often use gasoline engines, designed originally for automobiles). The NIRA ECU used by MarineDiesel allows us to optimize the performance specifically for these types of operations, giving the operator the torque that is needed, when it is needed. Add in the lower cost of diesel fuel (usually) and the much longer life cycle of a diesel engine versus a gasoline engine, and the best decision becomes immediately clear: Marinediesel’s VGT Series.