Smaller Engines: Lighter, more powerful, and more efficient


Engine development and research is a constant, ongoing process. MarineDiesel tirelessly continues to research into ways to make our engines more efficient, more powerful, lighter, and cleaner than any of our competitors. We already manufacture the world’s lightest and most powerful marine engine in our class. But we will not stop there, resting on our laurels. No, we continue to try and always make our products better.

In the upcoming year, expect to see new and more innovative products from MarineDiesel. The following points highlight the direction that we believe the industry is headed:

  1. Engines will continue to get more powerful. Turbocharger research, and research into combustion mean that engines have progressively gotten much smaller over the last 20 years of our existence. We believe that trend will continue.
  2. Engines will become even more fuel efficient. We recently were involved in a repowering project, replacing some Cummins engines that were manufactured in the 1970’s. Our modern engines consumed over 45 g/kWh less fuel than the legacy engines (which were fuel efficient for their time). We are certain that this trend will continue.
  3. Diesel engines will become cleaner, as will diesel fuel. The emissions environment is continually changing. Regulations typically are updated to take effect years in the future. These ongoing trends are a certainty.
  4. Alternative fuel will continue to be a priority. We are already converting engines to LPG and CNG. We are researching other alternative fuel sources.
  5. Engines will continue to become smaller. We are looking at many different blocks, power ranges, and displacements for future engine models. Some are expected to be released before the end of this year.