Eat my wake!



When you first board a vessel equipped with MarineDiesel’s VGT Series of engines, you may be thinking, “OK, this is just another sea trial or boat ride.”

Five minutes later, and this has actually happened, you might be surprised to hear yourself exclaiming, “Eat my wake!!!!

Don’t be embarrassed.

We understand.

You simply cannot appreciate the compact raw power of a MarineDiesel VGT engine without experiencing it first, especially after years of operating boats equipped with the wimpy, inline six cylinder engines made by our competition. The difference is astounding.

The raw exhilaration that comes from extreme acceleration.

The noticeable increase in performance.

Feeling secure in the knowledge that other boats, however they are equipped, cannot match your power.

Give it a try. See for yourself.

At MarineDiesel’s headquarters in Ängelholm, we have several company boats that we use to demonstrate our engines. We have an “open door policy” for customers and potential customers who wish to try our engines out. Simply contact us with the details of when you will be in Sweden, and we will be happy to schedule an appointment.