Five VGT Series benefits that are unique



The MarineDiesel VGT Series of marine engines stands alone in the marine market within its’ market segment. Quite frankly, there is no other competing engine that can compare with the VGT on technical and performance levels. Others may make claims, but the facts speak for themselves. No other engine in its’ class can equal these benefits:

  1. Highest power to weight ratio: The VGT Series are the lightest, most powerful marine engines available, making them ideal for high speed and high performance craft.
  2. Most continuous torque: Other engines may have torque curves with higher spikes, but only the VGT Series provides a high level of torque along the entire RPM range.
  3. Programmable ECU: Our competitors all use old technology Bosch ECUs to control their engines. Only the VGT Series allows multiple, customized engine MAPS.
  4. Smallest physical dimensions: The VGT Series is the most compact engine in the market in its’ class, Often, the only engine that can even fit into cramped, tight engine compartments.
  5. Longest MTBO: The VGT Series has the longest MTBO of any other engine in its’  class. This MTBO ranges from 2,500 hours to 3.000 hours. No other commercially manufactured engine in this class has a life cycle this long.

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