Genset Engines



Here at MarineDiesel, we often receive inquiries as to whether or not we manufacture generators. The answer is “no”, though we do manufacture engines that can be used to power gensets. Why would someone who needs a generator just purchase an engine?

Quite simply: We can customize the engine for the application.

Most (though not all) generator manufacturers do not manufacture the engines used in the generator. The reason is because providing electrical power is a different specialization than providing mechanical power. There are dozens of different variables in power generation, and the production of standalone models requires many different options and a different manufacturing process.

So, when asked to provide an engine for a generator, we nearly always receive this type of inquiry from either a generator manufacturer or from someone who needs a very specialized generator with needs that “off the shelf” models cannot meet. For instance, we can manufacture engines with customized levels of continuous power or multiple engine maps for different uses of the same genset.

MarineDiesel has, over the years, provided both marine and industrial engines for gensets and applications as widely varied as for electricity on large mining equipment to small fishing boats. We also can often refer people to our customers who are generator manufacturers and specialize in electrical power.