Training and Certification Courses




When choosing a diesel engine, often training capability is often neglected in lieu of price or other considerations. However, training and customer support are one of the most critical aspects of engine choice.

Though there are similarities between brands of engines, every engine is unique and has unique service and maintenance requirements. In fact, since MarineDiesel customizes so many engines, and we use NIRA ECUs, there are many reasons that our customers need to have factory or distributor training. In fact, the electronic portion of the training program is typically the most involved and intensive part of the training.

MarineDiesel offers a number of training solutions both for our distribution network and our customers.

Training can be conducted onsite, or at our facilities in Sweden, or at our MDS training facilities in the UK.

ALL distributors undergo factory training and their technicians receive the factory certification only after successfully completing the program. An engine is always a requirement (either the customer’s engine or a training engine).

Typically, training programmes are customized to the customer requirements, taking anywhere from three days to as much as two weeks, depending on the intensity of training, size of the groups, or syllabus required.

For a customized training solution, contact your local MarineDiesel distributor for details and a quotation.