Best of 2014 – VGT Series vs Yanmar 6LY3 Series. How do we compare?



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The VGT Series of marine engines is MarineDiesel’s flagship product. We originally aimed to make the lightest, most powerful, most reliable engine available in the market, and we succeeded where others have not.

So, how does the VGT Series compare to others?


MarineDiesel VGT: Mid-range

Yanmar 6LY3: Inexpensive to Mid-range

*Price will vary greatly based on many factors, including import duties and dealer markups, but in general


Cost of Spares:

MarineDiesel VGT: Mid-range

Yanmar 6LY3: Expensive




MarineDiesel VGT: Commercial / Military Medium to Heavy use

Yanmar 6LY3: Recreational


Engine Block:

MarineDiesel VGT: V-8

Yanmar 6LY3: Inline 6

*Inline cylinder arrangements tend to produce higher levels of vibration



MarineDiesel VGT: 500 kg

Yanmar 6LY3:640 kg


Fuel Consumption:

MarineDiesel VGT: Max 220 g / kWh

Yanmar 6LY3: Max 221 g/kWh



vgt400 fuel

vgt400 curves


Yanmar 6LY3 ETP Power, Torque, and Fuel Curves

Yanmar 6LY3 ETP Power, Torque, and Fuel Curves