MarineDiesel VGT + Konrad Performance Package



MarineDiesel has teamed up with Konrad to offer the most reliable engine and sterndrive high performance package in the marine market today.

Sterndrives have some distinct advantages as a propulsion system over other types of drive. They are capable of producing very high speeds and yet, can offer good maneuverability at slower speeds. Traditionally, the Achilles Heel of sterndrive systems has been their reliability and high cost of maintenance. They just could not stand up to the high torque produced by diesel engines and heavy, continuous use by commercial or government users.

Until Now…

Konrad is recognized as producing the only reliable sterndrive propulsion system that can withstand heavy commercial or military use.


The Konrad sterndrive can last over 2,500 hours between overhauls.

This makes the Konrad sterndrives the only real option available to commercial users. Drives produced for use with gasoline engines, or for intermittent recreational use generally require overhauls in as few as 400 hours. Though often inexpensive to purchase, they can quickly become extremely expensive to own over the long term. For commercial users, this adds up to many thousands of dollars of expenses over time.

The sheet below illustrates the cost advantages of Konrad over other brands of sterndrive.

When paired with MarineDiesel’s VGT Series of engines,

Please take a look and send us a note if you would like to have a custom quote on a package for your vessel.

Konrad / VGT Package 

Konrad / VGT Drawing