Engine Market Insights: Vietnam



This week, we are starting a series of articles that consist of interviews with our distributors around the world about their insights into the small engine market in their respective countries. We hope you find them interesting and useful.

We start this series today with an interview with Ms. Thuy, South Area Sales Manager for Century Company, Ltd., MarineDiesel distributors for Vietnam:

vietnam Vietnam

Century Company Limited

11B Minh Khai st.
Hai Phong
Phone: +84 (31) 384 29 93
Fax: +84 (31) 382 28 55
Mail: info@thtcentury.com

1.       How long have you been in business in Vietnam?

16 years

2.       What is your company’s mission and goals?

Century is a company doing business in 2 fields: manufacturing and trading.

Therefore, its’ mission and goals are:

–          In manufacturing: to become a leader in manufacturing FRP boats in Vietnam and export to foreign countries.

–          In trading: to cover up to 50% of engine market in Vietnam

3.       What makes THT Century unique? (Services offered, capabilities, etc.)

Century supplies quality services to the market (the services are widely in boats, engines, and equipment… a full picture of a boat or vessel.)

4.       In addition to MarineDiesel, what are your other major product lines?

Century also distributes Lombardini marine inboard engines (from Italy) and Evinrude outboard engines (from BRP US).

5.       What is the engine market like in Vietnam?

Very competitive. There are such types of engine branches doing business in Vietnam. The most popular is Yanmar, Caterpillar.

6.       What are your greatest challenges in the engine market?

MD is quite new branch in our market, also the engine get lots of constraints compared to other engines.

 7.       Where are the greatest opportunities in the engine market in Vietnam?

The other engine branches are quite old and full in production. It’s time for new and young enginse to grow up with quality services and stable, persistent quality engine.

 8.       How do you see the engine market in Vietnam in the next five years?

        The forecast is quite good, as the economy in Vietnam is recovering and going up. The Asian community is preparing to be an integrated trading community.