Engine Trade-In or Trade-Up Sale!



Re-powering your vessel can be an expensive proposition. However, the costs of rebuilding old or outdated marine engines can be more expensive than simply buying new. The average cost to rebuild an engine is 60% of the cost of buying new. Add in the reduced fuel economy and reduction in performance, and the cost of repowering with a new engine does not look prohibitive.

To help make the financial considerations of the repower / buy new decision easier for  MarineDiesel’s customers, we have begun the first engine trade-in program for diesel engines in the marine industry.

Through the end of 2014, MarineDiesel will offer to existing MarineDiesel customers a credit of EURO 1,000 on every engine exchanged for a new MarineDiesel engine (A “Trade-Up”). For new MarineDiesel customers, the credit will be EURO 2,000 per engine trade-in.

No other marine engine manufacturer has ever offered such a program. To take advantage of this offer, please contact your local MarineDiesel distributor or dealer today in order to get a quote on a new engine. That’s all you need to do. The credit will be applied automatically once we receive notification from the dealer.