Bespoke Engine Services



Bespoke engine services are certainly a specialty of MarineDiesel. We can design, build, and customize virtually any engine in virtually any application, marine or industrial. Of course, through our partnership with GM, we have a wide range of blocks and engine types to provide us a basis from which to start. Additionally, we have connections in the engine market to purchase a wide variety of engine blocks (sometimes even from competitors) to modify for specific customer applications.

Engineering is really our specialty. We have designed power solutions for many different applications, often where an “off the shelf” engine does not exist. Some examples of previous applications we have designed:

  1. UAVs
  2. USVs
  3. Tanks
  4. Submarines
  5. Alternative, or Dual Fuel
  6. Cranes
  7. Prototype Boats
  8. Prototype Automobiles
  9. Customized Gensets
  10. Trains
  11. Off Road Vehicles

Our dedicated engineering team in Sweden can customize just about any project.

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