MarineDiesel Training – Rebuilding an engine



Here at MarineDiesel, we recently conducted a training session that was highly beneficial. We took a VGT engine that was effectively destroyed and rebuilt it step-by-step into an engine suitable for use as a training engine.

Though the engine cannot be sold to any customer (The parts cost would be too expensive. There was a hole in a piston, among other things), the engine can be used for training either MarineDiesel dealers or customers. In fact, when we train MarineDiesel distributors, we prefer using old engines so that the staff we are training can obtain real diagnostic experience. A MUCH more productive use of time that provides hands on experience, rather than simply studying manuals.

Certificates are issued to all participants after they pass an end of course test.

Some before and after photos below, along with a short video of the engine running:






photo 2b

photo 3


photo 1

photo 4

photo 3b


VIDEO of the engine running