Maintenance Tip of the Week – ECU 09/29/2014



Maintenance Tip of the Week:

MarineDiesel’s 6.6L VGT range of engines are electronic. In properly maintaining and diagnosing engine problems, the software is a must. It is available, along with the connecting cable, when you purchase the engine.

Here’s why…

Electronic engines are complex, meet modern emissions and fuel standards, and use thousands of sensor inputs to maintain the proper fuel to air mixture for combustion: Far greater amounts of data than can be gleaned from simple analog gauges. A single sensor failure can be difficult to locate without software, and a misdiagnosis can become very expensive, very quickly. Every engine maker uses their own ECU to collect this data and control the engine. Though the MarineDiesel engines use SAE J-1939 data as the standard, and, in theory, could work on other electronic engines using the same protocol, the software is intended specifically for MarineDiesel engines and should not be used with other engines. Other manufacturers may use more, or fewer, data points, and their fault codes will also be different, even if the sensor’s data is the same.