VGT Series: Five Best Vessel Types



MarineDiesel’s VGT Series of engines is light, powerful, and compact, making it an ideal choice for small, high performance vessels. However, as with any other engine maker, our engines are a better fit on some vessel types than on others. The five most common vessel types with our engines are listed below, with some reasons as to why the VGT Series is the best option:

  1. RHIBs: RHIB stands for Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat, and the VGT Series of engines is ideal for these vessels. Why? We are compact. Most RHIBs have very small engine compartments with little room for larger engines. We are powerful. Most RHIBs are used in situations where high speed and high performance are critical to mission success. Only the MarineDiesel VGT Series has the power and torque to excel in these applications. We are lightweight. One of the advantages of a RHIB design is the lighter weight over as traditional, non-inflatable hull. The VGT Series’  lighter weight than any competitor is a real advantage.
  2. Water Taxis: Water taxis tend to be lightweight, and operated continuously. The extended life-cycle of the VGT Series leaves recreational engines like Yanmar or Volvo Penta seriously lacking. The V configuration also means a tremendous reduction in vibration, with an increase in passenger comfort.
  3. Light Patrol Boats: MarineDiesel VGT Series are installed on many light patrol vessels (Under 15m). The high power, high and continuous torque, light weight, and easy maintenance give the MarineDiesel engines serious advantages over our competitors that design their engines for light, recreational use. The reliability provided by the VGT’s  long life cycle also means that missions are not disrupted by mechanical failure. The programmable NIRA ECU also provides mission specific capabilities that other engine makes cannot match.
  4. Light Commercial Boats: Many VGT engines are installed on ski boats, parasailing boats, and small passenger ferries. Long life cycle, fuel efficiency, and high power when needed are distinct advantages. The cost of ownership of VGT engines can be less than half the long term cost of ownership of competitors’ products, a direct impact on the bottom line.
  5. Rescue Boats: Rescue boats require high level of performance and reliability. They often operate under WOT conditions, in rough weather. The VGT Series is designed for such operations.