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Engines are different than typical consumer products in that a global sales and service network are an absolute requirement. Indeed, we have occasionally had to turn down business because of a lack of a physical presence in a particular country. This is important, because engines require service, spare parts, and dedicated knowledge in order to service them.

In order to adequately serve the global marketplace, we have developed a network of factory trained distributors and dealers around the world. Our requirements, on the surface, may sound onerous, but they are there for a reason. Many of our products are sold in regions that are remote, and you simply cannot service engines remotely.

There are two classes of sales and service facilities in our network: Distributors and Dealers.

Distributors typically have been granted exclusivity in their country or region. Indeed, sales or service inquiries received by our Swedish headquarters are normally referred to the distributor directly. Our distributors typically also service one or more other brands of engines. Distributors are required to have service facilities and adequate infrastructure to service the engines. They nearly always have substantial classroom and laboratory facilities for training customers. They all are required to  maintain stocks of spare parts IN THE COUNTRY. All are required to successfully complete factory service training. Needless to say, these requirements require a substantial investment in time, money, and infrastructure. When you conduct business with our distributors, your pricing is typically the same or lower than ordering directly from the factory. Service levels are at the same high standard. When you buy from our distributors, you receive landed prices, with all tariffs paid, and all importation requirements, like emissions certificates and other documentation, are handled by the distributor. Additionally, distributors have a local presence in your country, and can service your engines quicker, and more efficiently than is possible from thousands of kilometers away.  Additionally, engines, as a capital expense, are typically manufactured as the need arises. This means that MarineDiesel engines might require lead times of three or four months (as do most marine engines), depending on our production schedules. Several of our larger distributors can deliver new engines in a matter of days, because they maintain inventory on site and in their country.

Dealers are smaller MarineDiesel representatives. They virtually never are granted exclusivity. They may be under a distributor in a region (They order via the distributor), or they lack the facilities and infrastructure a distributor may have. Dealers are typically located in smaller countries or places where large facilities are absent. There are financial and service requirements for dealers.

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