Who competes with MarineDiesel? Why should you care?



No doubt about it… The diesel engine market is highly competitive.

How are MarineDiesel engines different than those manufactured by our competitors?

How do we distinguish ourselves?

First off, we prefer to let our products speak for themselves. This article in no way is intended to speak badly about our competition. In fact, we are often the first to recommend a competing product if one of our products is not a good match to a customer’s project. In other words, if a competitor makes a product that is better suited to a particular vessel, we will recommend it over our own.

There are many factors that go into the decision as to which engine to choose. Every company does at least one thing very, very well. MarineDiesel tends to focus our products on one particular market segment: Small, high performance vessels. Though the competitors listed below all produce engines that may compete, some are better suited than others. Sometimes, price is the only determinant, and that is fine. We understand the marine business, and sometimes there are unrealistic demands made, or sacrifices made in the name of price. We are neither the cheapest in the market, nor the most expensive. We do, however, believe that we deliver the greatest value engines to our market segment. Every engine maker in the world has market segments or geographical regions where they have a distinct advantage.

In general, MarineDiesel competes closely with the four manufacturers listed below. Why should you care? As stated above, we believe that our products stand on their own merit. So we are even willing to tell you who our competitors are… Check them out and judge for yourself:

1. Volvo Penta: Volvo Penta makes very good quality engines, no doubt about it. They are also a very large company that can be somewhat inflexible when it comes to customization or highly specialized applications. Featuring a fairly robust service network, Volvo Penta is often very competitive in the leisure or recreational markets. This is how the vast majority of their engines are rated and they perform well in that market. We compete with the D6 and D9 series.

2. Yanmar: Yanmar make very reliable six cylinder engines, and they have a very good, well deserved, reputation in the recreational engine market. Though their service network is neither as large as some of the others, they tend to provide very good sales and service. Like Volvo Penta, customization can be difficult, and their engines are very seldom rated for any use other than recreational.

3. Cummins: Cummins has a long and storied history, and their extensive sales and service network is known for good service. Their current QSB 5.9 series competes very closely with MarineDiesel. This is the only competitor that can rate engines as anything other than recreational use. They are often very competitive in price and often are willing to customize.

4. FPT: FPT is the current incarnation of Iveco, and we are competing with them more and more often. Their service network is not as robust, with large regions of the world excluded. Their N70 model competes with our engines on some projects, and they are often a very competitive price.

So, how do we distinguish ourselves in a very crowded market?

  1. We manufacture the only V configuration engine in this market. All of the rest are inline six cylinder engines, whereas ours are all V-8.
  2. We manufacture the lightest marine engines in the market, with highest power to weight ratio.
  3. We manufacture the smallest (in terms of physical size) engines in the market.
  4. We are the only engine that is NEVER rated for simple recreational use. Medium commercial is our lowest rating.
  5. We are the only company in the market that can easily, and quickly, customize an engine, from rating to color of its’ paint. Being a much smaller company often carries advantages.

So, which engine is right for you? It really depends on your application and how the engine will be used. MarineDiesel’s customers appreciate our flexibility, performance, and having an option.