10 quickest ways to ruin your diesel engine



MarineDiesel prides itself on manufacturing engines of the highest quality, yet, sometimes we see things that make us scratch our heads and say, “What were they thinking?”

So, without further adieu, below is the list of ten things that we guarantee will kill your diesel engine as fast as a stick of dynamite:

  1. Not changing fuel filters, or, even worse, running without filters. (“But hey! Filters get EXPENSIVE”. Seriously, have you SEEN the fuel in Nigeria?)
  2. Not following engine break-in procedure
  3. Not changing air filters
  4. Not changing oil filters
  5. Not letting the engine warm up
  6. Not checking for leaks (at least until there is no oil left)
  7. Full throttle, 100% of the time
  8. Not starting the engine regularly. Sludge is never a good thing. (see below)
  9. Not checking fuel quality (Condensation? Nah… Not on this boat)
  10. Not checking temperatures. (You think that plastic bag blocking the strainer might cause overheating?)

BONUS: If you think that duct tape makes a permanent repair, no further comment is necessary.