Interview with Andreas Blomdahl, MarineDiesel CEO



This week’s article is an interview with our CEO, Mr. Andreas Blomdahl. Andreas will be contributing periodic columns to this site in the future, keeping MarineDiesel customers up to date with the latest developments coming from the very top.


Q1: Why did you start MarineDiesel?

Coming from and engineering background and doing some racing for a while it was clear that the products on the market where very old in design and that it was time for someone to think outside the box in the marine industry. The goal from the start was to bring something different to the market, a more powerful while durable product in a small package, I feel we have succeeded in the VGT engine line.


Q2: What was your biggest challenge in setting up MarineDiesel?

The marine industry is a very small industry especially on the engine side, mostly the same companies that have been around for a long time. The main challenge isn’t so much the products as to establishing distribution worldwide, this takes time and on the technical side the emission will become a challenge for the future, rightfully so as the marine engines are far from what they are capable in regards to emissions.


Q3: What are MarineDiesel’s goals for the future?

MarineDiesel will continue to manufacture the world’s best performance marine diesel engines for the commercial and governmental markets. Any new products must meet our strict policies as we are in the backbone an engineering company that also has a production of marine engines.


Q4: Where do you see MarineDiesel in the next five years?

MarineDiesel is currently expanding its distribution network and increasing production capacity in order to meet current and future demand. MarineDiesel will be recognized for putting out some cutting edge products on the market over the five years to come.


Q5: Any new developments coming in the next year?

Yes, there are but unfortunately I can’t tell you about them so just keep your eyes open.


Q6: What are the biggest advantages of MarineDiesel’s products over the products of its’ rivals?

We have market leading power to weight ratio on our products while designing them from day one for the commercial field, not for pleasure crafts. Apart from the products, our organization is set up in a different way where we ask our customers how we best can assist them in regards to training, support etc, most of our competitors tell the clients how it needs to be structured instead of listening to individual requirements.


Q7: What has been MarineDiesel’s biggest success?

The VGT engine series


Q8: Anything you wish you could have done differently?

Many things but we try not to dwell on the past but to improve and look to the future, it’s more productive.


Q9: Any further thoughts?

Make sure you get a test ride on a vessel equipped with with VGT engines. It’s a completely different animal to what else is on the market today. 


Founder and CEO.

 Andreas Blomdahl, 43, has been the CEO since 1992 is also on the board of directors for Marinediesel as well as a few other Scandinavian companies.

 A native of Angelholm Sweden, Andreas has an engineering degree from the university of Lund and has a long time passion for the marine field.


Andreas Blomdahl