Life Cycle Cost Calculator



At MarineDiesel, we often come across potential customer who are confused about which engine to purchase. Yes, there are brand loyalties at play in any power decision, yet, more often than not, cost and price usually plays the biggest part in purchasing decisions, often eclipsing performance or technical requirements.

However, when choosing between two engines, much more goes into the cost calculation than simply purchase price.

Yes, very inexpensive engines are available in the market, usually, but not always, produced in China. Though these engines may be cheaper to purchase outright, their real cost becomes evident when maintenance, service life, and fuel consumption are taken into account.

When choosing an engine, you need to look at the following factors:

Purchase price

Engine rating

Life Cycle

Time between overhauls

Time between service

Fuel consumption

Cost of engine downtime

Cost of spares

Cost of service / labor

All of these factors add to the real cost of an engine, and in comparing one engine to another.

Therefore, in order to make your purchasing decision easier (Whether you choose us, or not), we have made the calculator below available for download for your use, free of charge.

Simply fill in the blanks indicated by yellow, and your real cost is indicated at the bottom. The spreadsheet is pre-loaded with the data from our VGT Series.

We hope you find it useful and helpful in making engine comparisons.

Life Cycle Cost Calculator