Manufacturing Lead Times



MarineDiesel engines are built by hand. This gives our customers a level of quality assurance that they cannot get anywhere else. Since some of our engines are sold as customized to the application, in many cases this is the only way to produce an engine meeting specifications.

Unfortunately, with such care to detail, this requires time. Most competing manufacturers operate on a three month lead time, from order to shipping, and this is generally our lead time, too, in most cases (Though some manufacturers can me less, and other much longer). Of course, we sometimes have particular models in stock, or out dealers and distributors may also carry inventory, but for orders over a couple of engines, a nine to twelve week lead time is normally necessary.

Now, regarding spare parts, 99% of spares are on the shelf, and our dealers are required to maintain inventory on the most common spares. In either case, spares are always available immediately, if not at the dealer level, than directly from the MarineDiesel factory in Sweden via express courier.